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Chief Akhara Chay

For more than ten years, Pavillon des Chefs has been at the forefront of organizing exceptional gastronomic events. Pavillon des Chefs embodies the culmination of our passion and commitment to excellence. Thanks to our 2000m² production laboratory located in Mouans-Sartoux, we have the necessary infrastructure to produce high-end culinary services, in large quantities, while preserving the authenticity and quality for which our region is renowned. .

Chief Akhara Chay

An Exceptional Journey

Chef Akhara Chay is recognized today for his incomparable mastery of French culinary techniques with a distinctive Asian touch. His career began under the wing of renowned chefs such as Ghislaine Arabian, Alain Ducasse and Eric Provost, where he refined his culinary art and developed a unique approach to cooking ( Hotel La Vague de Saint Paul ) .

In the heart of the Côte d'Azur

Directing the kitchen at “Au Jardin de la Vague” in Saint-Paul de Vence, Chef Chay delights his guests with dishes that tell a story, that of a delicate fusion between East and West. The menu evolves according to the seasons, incorporating the freshest and often organic products, coming directly from the gardens of Château de Valmer, to guarantee an experience that is both authentic and innovative ( Hôtel La Vague de Saint Paul ) .

Innovation at the Service of Taste

The Art of Fusion

Chef Chay is a pioneer of fusion cuisine, using his Asian heritage to reinterpret French cuisine classics. This synergy creates unique dishes that are both visually impressive and gastronomically exquisite. His talent lies in his ability to marry simple ingredients with complex techniques to produce bold and new flavors.

Responsible Cuisine

Committed to sustainability, Chef Chay favors the use of local and sustainable products. This commitment is seen not only in the selection of ingredients but also in the daily management of the kitchen, where it applies eco-responsible practices to minimize environmental impact.

Home Chef: A Unique Experience

The Chef extends his expertise well beyond the doors of his restaurant. With the “Chef at Home” service, it offers a personalized experience by preparing tailor-made meals in the privacy of private homes. This service allows guests to enjoy a high-end restaurant dining experience, tailored to their personal tastes and in the comfort of their home ( Hotel La Vague de Saint Paul ) .

A Prestigious Collaboration with Chef Akhara Chay and Pavillon des Chefs

Chef Akhara Chay

The Chefs Pavilion is proud to count Chef Chay among its collaborators, emphasizing the importance of working with chefs of his caliber to elevate the culinary experience at special events.

In summary, Chef Akhara Chay embodies innovation and excellence in gastronomy. His approach, which respects and promotes local products while introducing innovative elements, defines his cuisine as one of the most fascinating on the current gastronomic scene.

To find out more about Pavillon des Chefs, consult our Press Release !



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